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Three Easy Steps to Pedal Perfection

SPD Mountain Bike Clipless Pedal CleatNothing is more annoying than a cleat that won't clip-in properly or a pedal engagement that just feels funny. If you're having these problems, use the following tips to diagnose the problem and get back to pedal perfection.

1. Check cleats for excessive wear.
Look for any rounded edges or shiny spots that might indicate wear. If a cleat just doesn't look right, it might help to compare it to the other clean in order to identify any irregularities.

2. Clean and Lube cleats and pedals.
Grit, grime, grease and mud can be a problem for pedals and cleats. Take a few minutes to remove any debris with a stiff toothbrush and then add a little dry-lube to insure smooth, clean engagement.

3. Check pedal tension.
If you've completed the first two steps and you are still having trouble clipping-in, it may be a simple matter of loosening the tension on the pedal. However, be careful not to make the tension so low that you experience any accidental clip-outs.

Clipless pedals are a huge advantage for recreational and competitive cyclists. Follow these steps and you'll experience optimal performance from this critical piece of gear.