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Choosing Cycling Sunglasses

mountain bike sunglassesEyewear is a piece of cycling gear that can enhance your ride in many ways. Like most mountain biking purchases, it’s possible to spend as much as your wallet allows. Here are a few things to look for when choosing a pair of sunglasses.

1. Fit
Everyone has a different shaped face and one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to shades. Try on many brands and styles to see which one gives you the best combination of comfort, secure fit and visibility.

2. Frame Material
In general, more expensive glasses use higher quality plastic to make frames. Better frames will be strong and resistant to bending and twisting. They also often include adjustable nose and temple pieces. Make sure the frames are shatter-proof. In case of a crash, you don’t want jagged shards of polycarbonate plastic to end up in your eye.

3. Lenses
Most cycling specific lenses are plastic and many higher-end specs come with interchangeable lenses that allow for adjustment according to variable light conditions. Look for lenses that include 100% UV protection and an anti-glare coating if you ride often in bright, sunny conditions. Another nice feature is lens ventilation which helps prevent fog from forming. You’ll appreciate this when you’re cranking up long hills on cool mornings.

A good pair of sunglasses will protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, flying dirt or mud, and eye-strain resulting from squinting in bright sun. You don’t have to spend $300 to get a good pair of specs, but opt for a quality pair with the features I’ve discussed and you’ll ride happier and safer.